Medicare 101: Making Your Health Care Coverage Options Easy to Understand

Simple questions like ‘What is Medicare?’ or ‘What are my bloom affliction options?’ are oftentimes followed by circuitous answers. Medicare beneficiaries, their admired ones and caregivers may be larboard even added abashed and even ambiguous about their bloom affliction coverage.

That’s why Touchstone Bloom created this “Medicare 101” alternation in accustomed language. We will dive into apple of Medicare, breaking down allowances into simple to acquire information

This four allotment alternation will explain:

Original Medicare
Medicare Parts A and B
Medicare Parts C and D
Your Medicare Advantage Options?


In this aboriginal chapter of Touchstone Health’s “Medicare 101”, we are traveling to analyze the ins and outs of Original Medicare.

So What is Original Medicare?

Medicare is a fee-for-service bloom allowance plan provided by the government. Fee-for-service agency you acquire to pay a set bulk for anniversary blazon of account you get afore Medicare pays its share.

Original Medicare is composed of Parts A and B, accouterment advantage hospital and medical allowance advantage directly. Allotment A is hospital insurance, which helps awning inpatient affliction in hospitals, accomplished nursing facilities, hospices and home bloom care. Allotment B is medical insurance, which helps awning doctors’ services, hospital outpatient affliction and home bloom care. Allotment B aswell helps awning some antitoxin casework to advice advance your health.

Who Can Get Original Medicare?

To be acceptable for Medicare, you acquire to be 65 or older, beneath 65 with assertive disabilities, or acquire End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) – abiding branch abortion acute dialysis or a branch transplant). You may be automatically enrolled in Allotment A and Allotment B beneath assertive circumstances.

If you are axis 65 aural the next 3 months, or acquire angry 65 aural the accomplished 3 months, now is the time to baddest a plan if you haven’t already done so. Waiting too continued could leave you after medical advantage and bulk you added in the continued run.

Call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 for added advice about your Medicare eligibility, and to assurance up for Allotment A and/or Allotment B.

What Do You Pay with Original Medicare?

You usually acquire to pay a deductible (a set bulk for your bloom care) afore Medicare pays its share. Then, Medicare pays its share, and you pay your allotment (coinsurance/copayment) for covered casework and supplies. There is no annual absolute for what you pay out-of-pocket.

You may be acceptable for premium-free Allotment A coverage. However, you usually pay a account exceptional for Allotment B.

Can You Go to Any Doctor or Hospital?

You can go to doctor, supplier, hospital or ability that is enrolled in Medicare and is accepting new Medicare patients.

Are Decree Drugs Covered?

Most decree drugs are not covered beneath Original Medicare. You charge to assurance up for a Allotment D Medicare Decree Biologic Plan if you wish absolute decree biologic coverage.

Do You Charge to Choose a Primary Affliction Doctor?


Do You Acquire to Get a Referral to See a Specialist?

No, but the specialist needs to acquire Medicare.

How Do You Book Claims? You usually don’t charge to book Medicare claims. The law requires providers (like doctors, hospitals, accomplished nursing facilities, and home bloom agencies) and suppliers to book your claims for the covered casework and food you get.